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Author Topic: San Andreas Battlegrounds v1 - Features.  (Read 76 times)


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San Andreas Battlegrounds v1 - Features.
« on: December 02, 2018, 07:12:19 PM »
    Server Progress
    Sandreas Battlegrounds v1

    Core Features
    • Safezone system (Randomly generated, circle will update every 5minutes)
    Anyone outside the safezone once it updates will decrease in health like PUBG Prior to the circle updating you will be warned, to allow enough time for players to move into new circle.

    • Drop into the map and parachute in from the plane (Plane interior soon to come)
    Eject yourself out the plane above where you intend to drop, just like PUBG. (We're looking into automatically opening parachutes once they reach a certain altitude)

    • Account creating fully MySQL with the latest security.
    We use the best security measures on your account so your details cannot be stolen. Because its fully MySQL we're planning on creating a User Control Panel which will be accessible from the websites and link up to your forums account.

    • Vehicle spawns
    Vehicles do spawn inside the safezones. vehicle ID's can be fround HERE. all the vehicles weve tried keeping similar to PUBG

    • Lobby area
    Before the game starts you will spawn in the Lobby area, this is to allow the build up of players and also load the game, just like PUBG

    • Random weapon spawns.
    Fully dynamic random weapon spawns. Just because you found a sniper in one location, doesn't mean it will be there the next game.[/b]

    Post currently being developed.