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Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town. A Review Of The Clone Of The Clone Itself.

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There was a time in the year 1996, the very first game, and the ancestor of all games involving farming Bokujo Monogatari (aka Harvest Moon) was released into the world for the first time in day. Through the years of the series has tried in keeping the spirit a meditative and tranquil profession alive, while expanding, offering inventive and diverse ways to engage players. One of the most memorable moments of its existence was the huge recognition and acceptance by Western gamers, specifically in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town in which everyone GBA owners were able to pick the hoe and to conquer the fields and the hearts of local girls. Also iconic, yet uncertain, is the ending of the developer and publisher contract. The name Harvest Moon and the remaining contract with the publisher , and taking advantage of the situation the publisher's decision to release games by himself (of lower quality). It still turns some people off, particularly those who, despite the iconic character of the series, purchase new games.

Now, Bokujo Monogatari is now called Story of Seasons and there is a special date set for 2021 that will celebrate the long-running story. A single video is a reflection of the amount of love that fans feel for the show. The game was developed in celebration of its 25th year anniversary as a show. The development began in the year 2018 and continued to the production of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The team of developers decided to provide all the freedom they could and to return to the original of the projects which helped to popularize Bokujo Monogatari. In the year 2020 The Nintendo Direct Mini presented a short videothat urged people who were longtime fans or those who love turnip growth to be patient for the release of this product In February and March 2021, they were able to experience what it would turn into. It's true, Marvelous, like some other Japanese designers are known for giving the goodies to Japanese users a month before however, as the developers say, they would like to end such a practice sometime in the near future. In light of the subject and discussed the reasons for the idea of planting cucumbers and flowers is still fascinating, specifically what direction and how to bend the tails of cows, and most importantly, are they better than Stardew Valley. The tale about the seasons. The plot of the entire story is the same as a classic. The long-suffering grandpa dies and we are again gifted an inheritance of a farm while the city's mayor in the town nearby is delighted to meet us. But before that happens decide, we have to choose our appearance and dress. The most fun part (though for certain) can be a bit confusing for some is the fact that these provide you the choice of clothes, hairstyles and a few facial expressions. But at the end of this procedure it is not clear why person asks for whether you are male or female. In the next saver on screen, the protagonist, who is not sure of his gender, but is dressed in a skirt and talks in bass, sporting hair of a woman and man's physique, takes his bike to the farm of Grandpa.

It's not until we reach after speaking with the mayor, that we can decide if we want to be male or a man who believes he's female since the persona is the same and there are no boobs. In any case, it's not an issue does it, my kind and patient reader? This is because gender in earlier installments determined which of those local people you might choose as a bride or get married, but today the bachelors and bachelorettes pay little pay attention to the smallest of aspects and are willing to fall in love with any person who can win their hearts. In this chapter, the unloved gifts were not given away, so it was impossible to ruin relationships with the locals. Let's look at the mayor because there is a big plan to turn the town's backwater a star of tourism, and to elevate the streets and pillars as well as even the municipal hall. This must be the primary focus who is periodically providing the resources needed when he is not working his job. In reality this is the primary task, at the end of which we'll get the credit. Additionally, somebody will likely to put up an ad on their own in the hope that an item will be delivered to them. It's good knowing that requirements are feasible and aligned with the seasons. And the mayor will always offer the opportunity to tackle the job by utilizing three different ways. We shouldn't point fingers at someone who could learn from this method. The woman wearing the white and black dress is the curator of the museum and is willing to take photos of artifacts, wild animals and even fish. Unfortunately, there's nothing to reward this. The protagonists are hoes and watering cans. It is Story of Seasons that tried to draw inspiration in Stardew Valley and it kind of shuts down the circle since it's a game of ConcernedApe which was designed to evoke the previous Harvest Moon. This is evident in the fact that in the past you could plant your seeds in the same spot, but today, the entire world is yours to enjoy however there are some limitations obviously. Crafting items were made from sources, as well as decorations and pumping techniques however the latter one will be attributed on The Rune Factory. As time passes, with the growth in the economic system, more regions are opened up, new opportunities arise and, in general eyes are diverted from the issues that are encountered. This is among the main advantages that the sport has to offer. Every day, there are exciting occasions and events: a person will not be able to resist telling you about their issues There are spirits povolzalis and invite you to their coven, and here's the mayor who has a fantastic new idea to bring his city back to its glory.

Around this time, half the game will be over after which, of course the passions will die down but the pleasant memories remain. The event featuring Bridget. The interview in which designers admitted that this was their top character. Since we're on a farm it's best to start with agriculture. The mechanics haven't changed much since the very first Harvest Moon, although some Olds may disagree with me and claim that they've already been doing it for a long time prior to before the Neolithic Revolution. In reality, the entire procedure involves clearing the soil, plowing it and filling it with seeds and watering it daily until it is ripe. Also, be aware that certain crops are not able to thrive in certain seasons and plan your approach accordingly. It's that simple. There will be automated waterers, and, with them, there's one error. They're given out too early , making tools for watering and, consequently, its enhancement is useless. The company has also eliminated fertilizers, turning the process of growing vegetables into an experience that only periodically be reminded of it, while shifting your focus away from the garden to other things and turning the game from a fun farmer to a fun digger. However it's clear that it's clear that the Rune Factory experience has clearly been a success and the fruits are in good condition and is large and adds a bit of variety to the game. In this section the tools are all stored in specially designed boxes and are not a burden within the inventory. They are now always in your possession and there is there's no need to go to a specific box. As you sleep, take note of the sheep who are grazing on the fence. There's no significant change in animals, too. When exploring the area, you will find an agri-food coop, a chicken coop, and an animal stable that, after some work allows it to be populated by animals. Then, it is literally beneath the ground and awaits the user to be attentive to it before transferring it to the closest shelter. The only thing the cattle need is straw as well as a daily cuddle and in return, they will give you milk, wool, and eggs. That's the thing I like the most in Story of Seasons, it's the cute animal faces. I'm still awestruck by my cute rabbit HeavyMetal and the fluffy alpaca BrutalForce. It's a pity that the developers didn't use the cow breeds of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town The game was that portion which opened my eyes to the real world and then I discovered that strawberry milk and chocolate is extracted from strawberry and chocolate cows. Although different types of chickens have egg types that differ, it doesn't really have any effect on any aspect of the game. Pineapple pizza in camping conditions. The entire produce is put to the market in one way or another, and then it is processed in more pricey ingredients or put in the refrigerator to cook later. The team at Marvelous must be praised for their implementation of the former. The dishes are prepared quickly and effortlessly, and fruits and vegetables that are in the fridge are instantly identified when you click at the recipe. They almost leap into the pan themselves.

Making this process as easy and pleasurable as you can but if we had more information on what the consequences after eating depend on the persona. The only thing I know about the subject is in the mouths of designers of the game in Japanese in one of the interviews, which means that's all you need. Quote There are 17 different food groups, such as 17 varieties of soups, 21 types of soups. There are 60 varieties of dishes that are main, 38 varieties of desserts, and 39 types of different categories. There are 175 varieties in all. Salads boost your physical strength, soup can temporarily reduce your physical strength. The main dishes give you lots of strength. However, you aren't able to consume it continuously since you're full. Dessert however, in contrast has a lesser impact on strength however, you can consume it in any amount. Physical strength is stamina, it's utilized to perform any action that is forceful. If it's exhausted the person will get a bed regardless of where he was and with no negative consequences. This is not a bad thing since there isn't any bum around town who would steal from the hero with the intention of helping his life. In the beginning, the rooms in the mines are going to appear small. There isn't a lot of space, just meters of surface over me. We then went on to the next aspect mining. The nearest mine is set to become a part of the locality, since it's deep within and hidden from your hungry eyes tons of different artifacts, metals, as well as precious stones. Each time you go into the cave you must start on the top floor. Each broken stone will conceal the way to the bottom. The floors themselves are tiny and are not as good as those found in Stardew Valley, on the lower levels are moles that emerge out from the ground and attempt to inflict damage on the cave. Combats with them aren't conflict, and there's weapons in the game the game is a calm one with the exception of the lower levels, when the moles can be a real Vietnam in which you must run towards the chopper to avoid the blasts' roar, or grab a sledgehammer and be avenge these scumbags. In hard-fought combat, steel and harvested wood is the primary source of materials to make every last point. The mechanic in the local area is willing to pay a little money and resources to enhance the tools. The crafting was evidently copied of Stardew Valley that even some of the equipment and items were copied.

I'm always supportive of innovative ideas being embraced and improved and there's no reason to criticize such an action. Any thing that is backed by the proper amount of resources could be created at a moment's notice without other requirements. This is just the fact that resources aren't just extracted, but also produced and crafted, which is why you need production chains and machines. There are many of them, maybe some are too numerous, since there is no reason to exist. For instance grass is used to create thread which is then used to create fabric, and fabric is then used to make clothes from Kraft, so thread links are not justifiable or substantiated in any manner. They aren't put up for sale because their value is small, they are not used for another industry, they were made for the user to carry them to the next craft. Then there's similar to this, but using wool and wool, so why not combine the two? Due to this, one-third of the area is occupied by an unnecessary bloated and squattering industry. A majority of these machines are utilized only once a week. The result is some kind of a final resource which is where things get fascinating. In the shops most things aren't available for sale as standard and are instead crafted. This means that if you want to buy an expensive new jacket (and it's true that the coat that is for girls looks amazing and costs about more than the floor of a lavish home) You'll need to work hard and bring everything you require to the retailer and in addition, pay extra. The most effective gift for girls can be found in flower concentrates and bouquets are sourced from the flowers you bring or from other sources. It's an interesting idea which justifies the industrialization process and prevents players from focusing on the best-performing production. If you are bored of the clothes available in the game store, you can add them as DLC to your Steam store. For the sake of Wyfu! If you are bored of mundane things, you can take a walk through the city and begin acquainted with the locals. Everyone has their own timetable and adhere to these guidelines. The map will show you the current location of who is there at what time stores are open and closing. This makes it easy and straightforward to meet your partner or friend to have a chat. The process of strengthening relationships follows the basic rules of saying "hello" everyday, you add little bits of kindness and, for gifts, particularly those you love in large chunks. To strengthen your bonds it is necessary to be able to fill every one of your friends' hearts, and for each of them there's a special celebration. There are many locals and, except for sociopaths You'll be able to learn about someone's horrible secrets each day. Of course you, my sweet friends, are mostly attracted by the possibility of the wifu and hazbando.

They're there, and there are five of each sex as I mentioned above, all bisexual. When it comes to "taming" these characters you can make them as your entire group of girlfriends and boyfriends (but there is only one spouse or wife) and they'll never offer you the dark option. It's sad to say that the creators have introduced their concept of freedom in all things and it's led to characters being too slow and inactive No one is pulling your hair just because you "gave this lady flowers." nobody is in awe and is not annoyed. I'm also confused by fact that it's not actually the wife who births the child, but the spirit of earth that gives birth, which raises lots of intriguing questions. Couples will be invited to attend local activities. Don't miss out! In the spirit realm the tiny creatures resembling bulbs can also be a factor in the gameplay. They know the traits of someone who is important and will seek assistance. Spirits have their own villages that they visit almost every day. they exchange gifts and are exuberant. When you do every task, you will locate small spirits and then send their gifts to villages as well as build upgrades and even open up new zones. In general, The Story of Seasons is a number of things to do. There is fishing and draining of lakes in search of artifacts and conserving them in museums as well as photo-hunting wild animals, and making your home look beautiful. It is a lot of fun for around 60 hours. is what you can expect is expected, and if you win the whole 100. Fang fishing within Story of Seasons is pretty simple, yet it requires vigilance and attention. Stories of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is far from an ideal game. It is a simple game with characters, their issues don't enthrall your mind, but cause you to shrug and think that there's a problem for everyone. You don't really look for your wyfu. This is in contrast to Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town which is not even to mention that they pulled away one of the main characters, Harvest Goddess. She was the character that kept the geeks on the television. What did they spend to get her for the reception. There's plenty of action but nothing to do with events that they allow you to drive yourself. There are a lot of people but not many of truly memorable individuals. This is where you can change the city's appearance, making it into a popular tourist spot however, it doesn't alter significantly in terms of appearance. There's no multiplayer However, your images are automatically displayed to other players via the load screen (you can see how gamers are irritated by this). As compensation for the inconvenience, you receive a game with an incredible sense of equilibrium.

In the process of absorbing territories to meet their own requirements each time, you need to realize that resources are not unlimited, so if forests are cut down while the ground is made into concrete, there is no growth and the blessings of nature are vital in a variety of areas of work. You must therefore think about everything carefully and avoid being initially shrewd which is why you should not earn the highest profit, and remain constantly in need. It is not possible to earn millions however you don't have a miserable life and , as a consequence, boredom is delayed for as long as is possible. A few words on the new rules for additions and updates. The majority of these companies develop the game , and seldom support it on the proper level. But this one has just launched an update 1.1.0 totally free that adds new activities, events and more. It's amazing, as waiting for this from the Japanese or even for no reason, it's to be something that is not even possible. We're just hoping that this will not be an isolated event. What is the final? Do you think it's better in comparison to Stardew Valley? Let's say that it's on equal footing, however, there are better options but there aren't many than the other, but you can place an equal number on it. Apart from the cost however, Story of Seasons is 10 times more expensive and take 3000 rubles to purchase. P.S. Long-awaited Rune Factory 4 finally released on Steam I consider it to be as one of the most enjoyable farm games. I recommend that you do not miss it.

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